Photo Friday – April 27th 2018



Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 100mm Macro, F/7.1, 1/150sec, ISO 200

Just some flower in our garden. Did I say that I love the bokeh of my new Canon macro lens? Also,  I update to the latest Lightroom and experimented a bit with the new presets that they added in that version. I like them!

Photo Friday – April 20th 2018


Foto 15.04.18, 10 22 21iPhone 6s – F/2.2, 1/160s, ISO 25, 4mm

Last Sunday I went for a short walk in the neighborhood just after a short rain shower. On one of the garden walls, a whole bunch of snails tried to escape the rain. I captured only two of them, but there were probably five or 6 in total. Again and again, I’m amazed how good some of the pictures are that the iPhone produces. This one was processed with Photoshop Express on the phone.

Today, I have a second photo and that is a photo that I captured in similar ways in previous years. Fresh spring blossoms on trees. It just so nice to see nature awakening after the winter. Spring is coming.

Foto 15.04.18, 10 25 09iPhone 6s, F/2.2, 1/845s, ISO 25, 4mm

On another note, I ordered a new lens: Canon 100mm macro F/2.8 USM. By the time this post goes live, I should have the lens. Expect first photos taken with that lens by next week Friday!

Photo Friday – April 13th 2018



As our garden project is progressing I have very little time for photography right now. Hence I’m posting a photo I took last year in May in Sweden.  I like the combination of fresh flower and vibrant colors next to the dead trunk of a tree.

Canon 5D Mark III – F/5.6, 1/250s, ISO 100, 300mm

Photo Friday – March 30th 2018



You don’t need the fancy camera to take pictures that mean something to you. This is taken in our house. I love it when the evening sun shines through the window and draws the shadow of a plant that stands right in front of the window. It’s a quiet photo, but it means home and that means a lot to me.

Iphone 6s, F/2.2, 1/127sec, ISO 25, 4mm


Photo Friday – March 23rd 2018


I decided to post one of my photos every Friday 6pm GMT+1. I hope you like what I’m sharing!


The picture was taken not too far away from my house. I saw a nice group of trees during a short hike through the local forest. I pointed the camera straight up and then merely converted to black/white in Lightroom.

Canon 5D Mark III – Canon 16-35mm F/4 L

F/11 – 1/250sec – ISO 100