The Purpose of Life – Do More.

Two weeks ago I wrote about a little learning-by-doing-project. I wanted to build an app that analyses my car dashboard and extracts the total km.

I eventually got it working. You can see my pretty imperfect code on Github. Please don’t be too judgemental 🙂 I’m very aware of the shortcomings especially

  • missing unit tests
  • poor logging and error handling
  • missing automation scripts for provisioning, decommissioning, deployment etc

Eventually, I will add those, but keep in mind that my primary goal was learning and that certainly worked quite well. It was refreshing to learn something new and to create something even if it is not particularly useful.

That brings me to another topic and an article that I read this week written by Darius Foroux: The purpose of life is not happiness: it’s usefulness.


He talks about how misguided we often walk through life in the pursuit of happiness and how much more fulfilling a life can be if you just try to be useful. Do more. Have an impact on people’s life.

I definitely can relate to that. Sometimes I buy stuff because I think it makes me happy. It does at first, but it often wears out quickly. Contrary when I do stuff the satisfaction of the accomplished work creates more sustainable happiness. Anyway, I don’t want to repeat Darius‘ thoughts here. Read the article, I really liked it.