Canon G7X MK II – Ordered and Sent back within 24h

I needed a new toy and I decided that it was time again to try out a premium compact camera. I already have a Fujifilm X20, but it is a bit outdated. After a couple of weeks of comparing and thinking I decided for the Canon G7X Mark II, mainly because

  • it has a big 1-inch sensor
  • fast lens
  • good video
  • flip display
  • touch screen
  • it’s flexibility compared to my Canon 5D Mark III

A strong competitor was the Sony RX100 IV (for quite a bit more money), but when I looked at it at the store I really didn’t like how it felt it my hand compared to the G7X.

After my one-day test of the G7X, here is what I really liked about it:

  • it feels great in your hand
  • small enough to fit into your jacket
  • great handling and usability especially due to the touch screen display
  • quick focus

Today I copied all photos and video over to my computer and that’s where the disappointment started:

  • Lousy image quality (except for the colors, the colors are great)
  • a lot of distortion at 24mm
  • only the center is really sharp …. the rest is muddy. You don’t even have to go to 100% zoom in photoshop. You’ll see it right away
  • Video are mediocre as well.

Lots of people love the G7X, but it is just not my camera. Maybe I’m spoiled by shooting with full frame and L-class lenses, but I’m not willing to pay 560€ for the image and video quality that is coming out of the G7X.

For the moment I’m back at the point where I’m thinking that the 5D Mark III together with my 40mm F/2.8 pancake is the best compact cam I’ll ever get.

There are other compact cams that I’d like to try out at some point like e.g. the Fujifilm X70. It comes with a big APS-C sensor and a fixed 18mm F/2.8 lens. Should be way better image quality than on the G7X, but from all I’m hearing video (like with the X20) still sucks…